"Adversity builds more than Character, it activates The Zone Flow of life force energy.
"The Zone is simply allowing a flow of conscious intention from start to finish"
Start, and most importantly follow through all the way to the finish"

Tapping Universal Source

The Zone ExperienceTM


Mark Dorian Wenner, MLD

Services and Rates

Lectures - Zone Events - Individual Counceling - Corporate Team Building - Athletic Mental Conditioning


Lectures - Invite me to speak at your event or gathering and I will show the people how to "Live in The Zone" with all decisions and challenges in life.
Zone Events - Having a Zone event and want to share it with others?  Invite me to attend and I will write about it in my daily blog reaching thousands of people daily curious about events in the Coachella Valley and Southern California.  I will write a pre event blog in advance of the event, one during and one after the event.  
Individual Counceling - Personal issues and relationships can be very difficult to handle.  You are not alone.  Living in the Zone can help you overcome the demons of self doubt, fear, anger, frustration and lack of motivation.  When you focus on your journey and not on the end, giving and receiving peace and love will open up the means for manifestation.  
Corporate Team Building - The Zone is contageus, live it with others and manifest together!  Living the power of conscious intention with coworkers, friends and families builds unity and team management skills.  
Zone Flow TM is a practical method of understanding the cycle of conscious thought conception through manifestation and fullfillment.
I can teach your team the skills, and practice it along side them.  Outdoors or indoors!
Athletic Mental Conditioning - I'm an athlete.  My life experiences have given me an opportunity to learn about and practice Zone Therapy in many sports.  In all sports, the "follow through" is the most important part of the game.  Learn how you can hit your mark consistently by staying in the Zone, and what that means.
  1. $1200
    Daily Rate not including travel
  2. $79
    Book and Workbook
  3. $200
    Zone Event Rate Free Entry + 1
  4. $200
    Hourly Rate